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Prevent iFrame Embedding (WordPress Plugin)

September 06, 2020   |   WordPress, ,

A WordPress Plugin for preventing external websites from embedding your own WordPress website.

Tracking Progress (WordPress Plugin)

August 16, 2020   |   WordPress, ,

A WordPress Plugin for tracking progress. Use simple shortcodes to insert progress bars in WordPress posts and pages.

Online Email Extractor

An online tool that helps extract email addresses hidden in a block of text, and remove email duplicates.

Restricting Access to your WordPress Website

March 29, 2020   |   WordPress, ,

Use the Force Login Plugin to keep your WordPress website private. The Plugin will force visitors to log in. Only registered users with administrative privileges will have access to the website’s content.

TensorFlow.js’ Toxicity Classifier in Action

A demo of TensorFlow.js’ Toxicity Classifier. The Machine Learning model aims at detecting toxic comments posted online, i.e. texts containing insults, threats, attacks, obscenity, etc.

A Falling Confetti Animation (WordPress) Plugin

January 18, 2020   |   WordPress, ,

Use the Confetti Animation Plugin to trigger the animation with a simple WordPress Shortcode.

Online Text Ops

Convert to lower case, upper case and camel case. Remove extra whitespaces and line breaks. These are the main functionalities offered by the online tool embedded within this article.

Bootstrap in WordPress Posts and Pages

January 05, 2020   |   WordPress, ,

The Bootstrap Plugin makes it possible to insert Bootstrap components into WordPress posts and pages.