Turn WordPress into a Note-Taking App

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System. You can use it to build personal blogs, photo galleries, news websites, e-commerce portals and even mobile apps.

This article presents Tabulaire (Tabular in French), a WordPress theme that turns WordPress into a note-taking app.

Tabulaire is an elegant, fully responsive, WordPress Theme providing easy access to your notes (WordPress posts, actually, filed under different categories).

Note-taking and classification

Use WordPress’ built-in Gutenberg editor to take notes, and to assign categories (and tags) to each of them, e.g. ‘TODO Lists’, or, ‘Quick Meeting Notes’.

Note listing and searching

Tabulaire will list all your notes in a three-column, quickly searchable, table. You can set the table’s number of items to display, to 100, e.g., directly from the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Reading Settings

Keeping notes private

To keep your notes private, you can rely on the Force Login Plugin:

  • The Plugin, if activated, will force all visitors to log in: only registered users with administrative privileges will have access to the website’s content.
  • If you want to make your WordPress website public, open to the outside world, just de-activate the Plugin.
Force Login Plugin

Getting Tabulaire

Tabulaire is freely available on GitHub.


Tabulaire is based on Bootstrap and requires, therefore, the Bootstrap Plugin.

The Bootstrap Plugin makes it possible to insert Bootstrap components into WordPress posts and pages, cf. this post.

You may also need the Force Login Plugin to restrict access to your WordPress website and keep your notes private.

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